Engage your customers with an integrated Live Chat and Chatbot solution

Reach your customers 24x7x365 across channels Web, Mobile Web, Messaging& Mobile Applications



Engage your customers on the channels they love


Agents + Chatbot can engage customers on website & mobile website

Facebook Messenger

Agents + Chatbot can engage your Facebook fans through Facebook Messenger

iOS Apps

Enable Chat support in your iOS Application and provide the best of both worlds Agent + Chatbot support

Android Apps

Enable Chat support in your Android Application and provide the best of both worlds Agent + Chatbot support

Engage your employees over Facebook Workspace for onboarding, HR Process, Leave Management, Performance Management, Travel, and more

Agent & Chatbot seamless integration

Conversational Chatbot becomes the first line of engagement for Customer Support, FAQs, Setting Qualified Meeting, Lead capture, Sales & Marketing.

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Engage your customer 24x7x365 and let Chatbot be your first line of engagement even when Agents are not available. Agent & Chatbot seamlessly integrates providing best in class experience to the customer. Agent's can take over the conversation once the Chatbot has reached a logical point.

NLP driven intent & conversation

Accurate intent detection using NLP. Analysis of each customer response through NLP, making the conversation smarter.

Proactive Engagement

Chatbots to proactively engage customers on your campaign landing page, product/services page with the context of the objective on that page.

Conversational Flow

Chatbot has the ability to execute simple to complex workflow to complete a conversation.

Measure & Grow

Act on all the different analytics

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Live Monitoring

Live counters to track current chats with Chatbot , Agent, Pending & more

Chatbot Report

Track Chatbot performance & failure points

Online Operators

Know which operators are currently serving the customers

Agent Summary

Track Agent performance with key metrics like Average Handling Time, First Response Time, etc.

Chat Summary

Visitor Initiated & Proactive Chat details with respect to channels & more

CSAT / Feedback Report

Track what customers think about your service

Login Activity

Monitor Agent Login Activity. Detail Raw report helps you track all Login activities.

Raw Report

Dissect the report as you like with all the chat data points available with the RAW report

Create more advanced reports with Tableau & Power BI connectors

Proactively engage customers when it matters the most to maximize conversions

Agent or Chatbot can proactively engage customers using the rule engine. Proactive engagement can also be easily configured for different web page events making it possible to engage customer when it really matters to maximize conversion. Chatbot can proactively engage with the customers as per your campaign goals.

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Measure Customer Satisfaction Rating through Chatbot & Agent

Measure Performance by collecting Customer Satisfaction Rating from Chatbot and Agent conversations. Customer Satisfaction Rating is collected on a scale of 1-5 stars and customer also has a provision to provide detail information.

Chatbot automatically collects feedback if customers have completed at least one conversation.

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Support for Multiple Languages

AmplifyReach Live Chat Software supports 11 different languages. Agents can support customers in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Malay, bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and RTL language Arabic. Assign your expert live chat agents to the language that they can support and the Live Chat routing algorithm intelligently routes chat to the right Live Chat Agent.

Live Chat Software interface also supports the view in local language making it more convenient for your live chat agents. Live Chat agents can also collect customer feedback from the supported language.

Coming soon: Support for Additional Languages. Interested in any specific language? Connect to us!

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Reduce average wait time with Intelligent Routing

Create departments for agents based on expertise or category. This will enable logical separation of skills and conversations a department can handle. Chatbot is aware of these departments and every type of conversation is mapped to a department allowing Chatbot to intelligently transfer to the right team.

Routing Rules enable the unattended chats to routed and not stay in the Agents queue for a long time.

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Screen Sharing

Empower your Agent by providing them the tool to help customers complete the purchase and support using screen sharing. Agents can see and interact anytime with the customer’s screen on your website.

Admins have the capability to block screen sharing for specific links to ensure sensitive information is protected.

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Team Productivity

Provide your team members right tools to achieve their goals.

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Customer Information

Better engagement with detail customer information including location, timezone, channel, device, etc.

Previous Chats

Engage with customer context as Team have access to customers previous chats.

Customer Footprint

Increase conversion by visual customer journey on your website.

Canned Messages

Faster response and resolution time by categorizing pre-formatted responses to common queries.

Operator Remarks

Attach private notes to chat to capture important information regarding the conversation.

Broadcast Messages

Admin can broadcast important messages to the team members to convey the key parameters to achieve their goals.

Engage your customers with an integrated Live Chat and Chatbot solution

Reach your customers 24x7x365 across channels Web, Mobile Web, Messaging
& Mobile Applications