Trade your Live Chat with Conversational Chatbot & engage customers 24x7 for all conversations
Chatbot becomes the first line of engagement for Customer Support, FAQs, Setting Qualified Meeting, Lead capture, Sales & Marketing!
Human-like Conversational Chatbot
Multilingual Conversational Chatbot becomes the first line of engagement for Customer Support, FAQs, Setting Qualified Meeting, Lead capture, Sales & Marketing.
Intent Detection
NLU to understand, build and identify context, intent and interest. NLP based intent detection across English, German….
Entities Extraction
Smartly extract entities from the intent statement and consume the information (location, date, etc.) it with-in a conversation.
Conversation switching
Like a human, Chatbot has a capability to switch to a new conversation when a new intent is conveyed instead of the information asked by the Chatbot.
NLP driven conversation
Analysis of each customer response is driven through NLP, making the Chatbot more intelligent.
Qualify & Validate response
Chatbot can do one level of validation of customer response. Example: Validate e-mail address, Policy number, etc.
Proactive Engagement
Chatbots to proactively engage customers on your campaign landing page, product/services page with the context of the objective on that page.
Conversational Flow
Chatbot has the ability to execute simple to complex workflow to complete a conversation.
Backend Integration
Chatbot can easily integrate with multiple homegrown or 3rd party backend through REST APIs for any conversation.
Rich UI Controls
Conversational Chatbot + Rich UI Controls provides the ability to better design Chatbot experience for different problem statements.
Multilingual Chatbot
Make your customer engagement vernacular! Cognitive Chatbot supports 12 global languages allowing the brand to engage and communicate in the local language.
Personality Messaging
Tired of same standard answers? Chatbot's Personality feature allows brands and Enterprises to model different take on engagement with customers.
Meeting Chatbot
Meeting Chatbot qualifies and schedule meetings with your customers which is convenient to your sales executive & customers instantly at scale.
Break the old way of Marketing
Fills in a form
Email Follow ups
Add to CRM
Qualify Lead
Call Schedule
Lead conversation poor
Days to weeks to qualify your website visitor to a qualified lead
New Era of Chatbots for Marketing
Conversational Chatbot engages with visitor, qualifies the lead, adds to CRM instantly
Call Schedule
Max Lead conversation
In Minutes Chatbot Qualifies & schedules meeting with your sales teams
FAQ Assistant
Chatbot can answer all the questions from your knowledge base.
Instantly Respond to an FAQ
Chatbot instantly replies to FAQs even when it is in between a conversation. Chatbot has the ability to distinguish between FAQ and active task
Re-use your existing FAQs
Seamless integration with your Freshdesk, Zendesk & Zoho Knowledge Base. Easy ingestion of FAQs from other sources
No Training required
Feed the FAQs to Chatbot and using deep learning techniques the Chatbot learns the best answers to the customer's questions.
Augmented Intelligence
Chatbot + Human Agents seamlessly work together to provide the best in class service to customers across channels using Live Chat Software
Seamless Integration
Agents can take over the conversation seamlessly when Chatbot is unable to process customer query.
Omni Channel
Agents can converse with the customer across channels like Web, Mobile, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Facebook Workplace Chatbot, etc.
Customer Details
Agents have quick access to customer information including location, past chat, channel, navigation history, etc. helping the agent better service the customers.
Continuously collect customer feedback on a scale of 1-5 and comments to improve the service.
Intelligent Routing
Chatbot transfers the chat to the department with respect to the conversation it is unable to process. Routing algorithm with-in department ensures low waiting time for customers.
Canned Messages
Optimize time by setting up pre-formatted responses to common questions. Increasing your First Response Time & Average Handling Time.
Team Management
Configurations including agents, department, no of concurrent chats, proactive chats with deep integration
Group agents as per expertise / categories / products into department
Exceed Campaign Goals
Chatbot Proactively engages with the customers as per your campaign goals and converting visitors to potential leads and customers.
Attract visitors through Paid media or other marketing campaigns
Landing Page to provide more details on your product / offering to convert the visitors to leads to customers
AmplifyReach Chatbot is aware of your campaign objectives and proactively engages with visitors on landing page converting them to potential leads & customers.
Seamless & Deep integration with homegrown & 3rd party backend making it possible to have end-to-end conversation automation through Chatbot
Integration through REST API
Attract visitors through Paid media or other marketing campaigns
Seamless Integration with Top Sales & Marketing CRMs
Seamless Integration with Top CRMs
Integrate Chatbot with 1000+ apps
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Automate all e-commerce related conversations including customer support with order tracking and more
Engage your customers on the channels they love
Engage your Facebook followers using Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Facebook Messenger
Chatbot to engage customers on your website & mobile website
iOS Apps
Engage through Chatbot with your customers within your iOS application
Android Apps
Engage through Chatbot with your customers within your Android application
Engage your employees over Facebook Workspace Chatbot for onboarding, HR Process, Leave Management, Performance Management, Travel, and more.
Measure & Grow
Act on all the different analytics
Live Monitoring
Live counters to track current chats with Chatbot, Agent, Pending & more
Chatbot Report
Track Chatbot performance & failure points
Online Operators
Know which operators are currently serving the customers
Agent Summary
Track Agent performance with key metrics like Average Handling Time, First Response Time, etc.
Chat Summary
Visitor Initiated & Proactive Chat details with respect to channels & more
CSAT / Feedback Report
Track what customers think about your service
Login Activity
Monitor Agent Login Activity. Detail Raw report helps you track all Login activities.
Raw Report
Dissect the report as you like with all the chat data points available with the RAW report
Create more advanced reports with Tableau & Power BI connectors
AmplifyReach supports multiple languages
Trade your Live Chat with Conversational Chatbot & engage customers 24x7 for all conversations
New Era of AI Chatbots to drive Sales & Marketing conversations at scale. Chatbot becomes the first line of engagement for Customer Support, FAQs, Setting Qualified Meeting, Lead capture, Sales & Marketing

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