AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform Advantage

Safeguard Your Brand

Protect your brand through brand safety solution Protecting media buyers from negative and low quality content. Protecting publishers from bad and unwanted ads.

Higher ROI

Target relevant ads to users, resulting into Higher ROI and leads.

Pre-Bid Solution

Helps in real time decision making to buy or sell an impression using pre-bid contextual classification and brand safety score.


Independent platform providing best transparent and unbiased solution to all online advertising entities.

AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform Features

IAB Taxonomy

Classification based on IAB standard taxonomy and supports 300+ main & sub-categories.

Brand Safety

Protects advertisers brand by not publishing ads on negative and low quality content. Protects publishers brand by not showing bad and unwanted ads to their audience.

Interest Based Targeting

Achieve Higher CTR, lead generation & conversion through interest based targeting by analyzing publishers content with advertisers campaign.

Real Time Classification

Helps to categorize Webpages & text using advance NLP techniques in real time allowing you to take informed pre-bid decisions.

Transact with Confidence

Contextual classification combined with brand safety helps publishers, advertisers and technology providers to transact with confidence.

Multiple Integration Options

Integrate using RESTfull APIs, co-managed server or FTP.

Industries & Functions


  • Protect your brand through brand safety solution providing profanity score on 5 vital parameters
  • Drive higher ROI through contextual classification and Interest Based Targeting
  • Transact with confidence with contextual classification combined with brand safety
  • Real time intelligence for pre-bid decision making using advanced NLP techniques to categorize webpages & text