AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform Advantage


  • Protect your brand by not showing bad and unwanted ads to your audience.
  • Drive higher ROI through Contextual classification and Interest Based Targeting
  • Transparency by knowing what kind of ads are shown on your site or property

Media Buyers

  • Protect your ads by not publishing on negative and low quality content.
  • Drive higher ROI with the intelligence of real time pre-bid decisions using advances NLP techniques to categorize webpages & text
  • Generate better leads & conversion by displaying relevant ads to right users on appropriate content using Interest Based Targeting Engine.
  • Transact with confidence with contextual classification combined with brand safety

Technology Providers

  • Transact with confidence by
    • Protecting your media buyers from negative and low quality content
    • Protecting your publishers from bad and unwanted ads
    • Contextual classification combined with brand safety
  • Drive higher ROI by
    • Real time pre-bid decision for Media buyers
    • Contextual classification and Interest based targeting for your Publishers
  • Build trusted online media transaction consortium