AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform - Build your Chatbot

Industries & Functions


  • Provide all your insurance offering under one roof
  • Support day to day activities like purchase, compare quote and renew insurance
  • Provide claim settlement and support services like policy soft copy, updating contact details and many more
  • Make all information related to insurance and policy readily available


  • Extend all your banking offering under one roof
  • Upsell and Cross sell products with data driven recommendations
  • Support day to day activities like money transfer, equity and mutual fund transactions, Payee updates and may more
  • Make it easy for your customer to discover Branch, ATM, interest rates and many more
  • Provide services and support for Cheque, Credit cards, Statements and many more


  • Connect with travelers through AI-powered bot on the channel of their choice
  • Handle multi-destination bookings
  • Manage Itineraries related queries like a change in travel dates, know fare difference, cancel bookings, etc
  • Help discover various offers
  • Provide tailored service for travel requirements
  • Answer all travel related queries


  • Protect your brand through brand safety solution providing profanity score on 5 vital parameters
  • Drive higher ROI through contextual classification and Interest Based Targeting
  • Transact with confidence with contextual classification combined with brand safety
  • Real time intelligence for per-bid decision making using advanced NLP techniques to categorize webpages & text


3000+ Brands and Enterprises using AmplifyReach Conversational marketing platform