Travel Bot


AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform provides some default workflow to explore the ease of building conversation and the power of chat bot.

This bot helps customers to book a flight ticket. The demo demonstrates bot capabilities to extracts multiple details with identifying the intent.

User Says: I would like to book a flight ticket from New York to Boston for next Saturday

Bot identifies that the customer’s intent is to “book a flight ticket”. Location’s identified are from New York to Boston and for date it computes “next Saturday” from the current date.

Sample Interaction

Bot Say's: Hello, Welcome to AR Bot! How may I help you today?
User Say's: I would like to book a flight ticket from New York to Boston for next Saturday
Bot Say's: Sure! I can help you book your flight tickets
Bot Say's: Please wait while I fetch the recommended flight details for New York to Boston at 24/06/2017
Display flight information
Fetch user name and email address
Display payment options
Process payment
Display booking confirmation

Dissecting Conversation

Login and Launch My Conversation under Bot Studio
Login to

Launch My Conversations under Bot Studio

Launch "Default – Travel Bot" conversation

Travel Bot Conversation

Let’s break the conversation into following parts to understand it’s working

  • Flight booking intent – Identifying “I would like to book a flight ticket from New York to Boston for next Saturday”.
  • Fetching flight details & booking ticket – Flow details for fetching flight details and booking flight ticket.

Flight booking intent

“I would like to book a flight ticket from New York to Boston for next Saturday”
The above English statement have lot of different information

“book a flight” is the customers intent
“New York” is a location identifying source city
“Boston” is a location identifying destination city
“next Saturday” is a date entity identifying when the customer wants to fly

Tip: Please check intent documentation for more details

The following are the list of training examples provided with-in Intent

  • i want to book a one way flight
  • I am looking for flight
  • I want to book a return flight
  • I want to book flight
  • can you help me with flight booking?
  • I want to fly from Mumbai to Pune
  • Looking for a oneway flight
  • Help me in booking flight
  • I want to book a flight ticket
  • i want to book a two way flight

Tip: Please check how to consume an intent in conversation node documentation for more details

Input Parameter Nodes for city locations and departure date

Chat bot to understand that it needs to look for location source and destination city, along with date of travel. We need to add three Input Parameter / Variable nodes to capture that information.

The following nodes are added in order

  • “Departure City” to capture source location
  • “Destination City” to capture destination location
  • “Departure date” to capture departure date

Tip: Please check variable node for more details

The bot understands if the customer provides that information as part of the single English statement and automatically assigns the same to the respective nodes for location and date.

If the user doesn’t specify in the initial intent statement


User Say’s: I would like to book flight ticket

In the above case the bot will detect the intent as “book flight ticket” and then start asking for Departure City as provided in the conversation flow.


Bot Say’s: Please enter the city of departure

Fetching flight details & booking ticket

This demo doesn’t have integration with travel and payment API’s. The same can be achieved with travel and payment REST API’s consumed as triggers.

Tip: Please check documentation for creating triggers

Tip: Please check documentation for consuming triggers with-in conversation

The further flow is as follows

  • Search for flight
  • Show Flight details – This node has UI control of List (Button) to show menu option for customer to select.

Tip: Please check documentation of UI control for more details

  • Condition node to check “Book Now” or “Show More” option selected by user. These two options have different paths and are sibling nodes.

Tip: Please check documentation of condition node for more details

Tip: Please check documentation of conversation node to understand what are child and sibling nodes

  • Fetch traveler details like Name and Email
  • Confirm with all details for “Proceed to payment”
  • Display Payment Option
  • Currently all Payment types have same flow for demo, so it would go ahead and ask for mobile number and OTP to confirm payment
  • Show the booking confirmation
  • Thanking message

Try Out Conversation

Please click on the Try Out button to launch the chat window where you can see your workflow in action.

Try out different statements and check which statements the Bot can identify and which it is not able to identify.

Play with the intent training examples to add examples which the Bot is not able to identify.

Tip: Please look at Debugging conversation for more details on Try Out

Deploy Conversation

Deploy your conversation and add the widget code to your website. These simple steps can enable Bot on your site for customers.

Tip: Please look at Deployment documentation for more details

Tip: To integrate Freshdesk, please look at documentation for more details