Conversation Node - Message Only


This node helps you to convey appropriate message to the user.

You can also use parameters to display the information. For example if you want to show the weather information to the user you can use variables to replace the values in messages. Today's &location Weather is as below:

Current Temperature : &temperature,
Maximum Temperature: &temp_max,
Minimum Temperature: &temp_min,
Wind Pressure : &pressure

Kindly note that &location, &temperature, &temp_min, &temp_max and &pressure are variables in the conversations and when Bot displays the message to the user, the actual values of those variables gets replaced.

Tip: Trigger can be combined with intent, input parameters and message type nodes.

Message Node

Node Name

Node name should resonate to the message that would be displayed to the user.

Bot Say's

Add the relevant information that you would like to show the end user. You can configure multiple responses using the Chatbot Personality Messaging feature.