Conversations Node - Intents


Intent creation is an important aspect to build a conversation. Intent identifies the purpose of the user and the reason of interaction. Identify & create all possible intents that a user would have in a conversation for a seamless and effective conversation.

Create an Intent with user examples that the platform uses to train itself for identifying the actual user's intent.
There are 2 options to create intents

  • Intent UI
  • Conversation Node UI

Below is the screenshot of Intent UI.

Intent Node

Node Name

Name your node corresponding to the information or action required by the user.

Bot Say's

Add the relevant information that you would like to show the end user, once the intent is identified. You can configure multiple responses using the Chatbot Personality Messaging feature.

Intent Name

Enter the name of intent you would like to use, if the intent already exist it will display a predefined list allowing you to select the desired intent for your conversation.

You can create a new intent for your conversation. Enter the intent name and click on "+" icon to view the intent creation screen. You can view the existing examples of intent (if any), you can add or delete intent user example.

Try Out

Click the chat icon from the top toolbar, to try out your first intent conversation node. To know more on the tryout, please refer to Debugging Conversation section.