FAQ Chatbot


AmplifyReach Chatbot instantly replies to FAQs even when it is in between a conversation. Chatbot has the ability to distinguish between FAQ and active task. FAQ Chatbot can be created for the supported languages.

Step 1: Create FAQ Dataset

Create FAQ data set using sample FAQ excel file. Please download the sample excel file from this link.

Excel Column Number Excel Column Name Description
1 Title Title is used in the FAQ Overlay on chat widget. The FAQ Overlay is shown when the customer clicks on the FAQ Result to see detailed answer.
2 Questions This column will hold the question for the FAQ. This question is used by the Chatbot to train itself.
3 Answer This column will hold the answer for the FAQ. The first few lines of the answer are used by the chatbot to show in the chat widget.
4 Link Link to the URL pointing to the detail answer in your knowledge base or FAQ Repository.
5..N Similar Question Multiple variants can be added to a question. Each similar question should be in new column.

Tip: AmplifyReach can help you extract FAQ from Freshdesk, Zendesk or Zoho. Please register for  REQUEST A DEMO  to know more

Step 2: Create a Knowledge Base with-in AmplifyReach BOT Studio

Please login to BOT Studio using link https://www.amplifyreach.com/ and navigate to BOT Studio -> My Conversations -> Knowledge Base Tab.

Tip: If you don’t have a AmplifyReach account. Create one today by  SIGNING UP FOR FREE.


How to create a knowledge base?

  • Import the FAQ Datasheet created in step #1.
  • Provide a name for your Knowledge Base Name
  • The following are recommended settings
    • Check USE SYNONYMS
    • Check USE OVERLAY
    • ANALYSIS: Low

Step 3: Creating conversation

  • Go to My Conversations
  • Click on ADD NEW CONVERSATION to create a new conversation.
  • Fill in the Conversation details and click on the Save details

  • On save, it will open a node. Select node type as Knowledgebase

  • Fill in the details for knowledgebase node.
  • Knowledge base Name with newly created knowledgebase
  • Marker name is a unique identifier to track the request for the deployed conversations.
  • Click on the SAVE NODE

  • Now click on the Save Conversation to save the conversation.

Step 4: Try Out the trained FAQs

  • Now it’s time to Try Out created FAQ Chatbot
  • Click on the try out icon to train the conversation

  • Test the trained FAQs

Step 5: Deploy on your website

Tip: Check the Deployment section of the documentation to know more.

  • Deployment menu can be found in Bot Studio -> Deployment, click the New Deployment button to launch the window for creating new Deployment.
  • Select the FAQ Conversation from the list and click on DEPLOY INSTANCE

  • Click on the Client Chat widget link to test the conversation

  • Test your FAQs

    Chat Widget Window

    Overlay Control
  • Copy client widget code from the deployment page. Client Widget Code provides the JavaScript code that need to be added to your website or application for the chatbot service to be made available.