An entity helps to capture and categorize different user responses with the help of synonyms. Use synonyms to list different ways that the same value might be entered. The entity then helps to invoke different responses in the conversations.

New Entity

Entities are accessible from Bot Studio -> My Conversations -> Entities Tab . This will allow user to create, modify and delete an entity.

Entity Name

Choose an entity name that can be easily identified and reused while creating different conversations. The same entity can be consumed from multiple conversations. Reusing the same entity across multiple conversations reduces duplication and easy to manage entities.

Examples: @motorType

Value and Synonyms

Let's take an example to identify if the user is interested in a Car or Bike insurance
We create an entity named motorType
Then we add a value Car and synonyms as Car, Four Wheeler, Motor, Jeep
Then we add a value Bike and synonyms as Bike, Two Wheeler, Scooter, Motorcycle

Tip: Synonyms are comma separated. Add as many Synonyms that correlate to a given Value name.

Add/Edit Values

Create and update entity dialog allows you to add/edit values and synonyms. Values would have multiple synonyms. These synonyms should be comma separated.

Delete Values

Select the desired value and click on Delete. Once deleted you cannot undo the action, however you can recreate the same value again.

Searching and Sorting Entities

Enter the entity name to search, if present, it will be displayed in the search dropdown.

Sort Entities

Entities can be sorted by different attributes like Date, Name, Last used etc.

Option Description
Name Entities are sorted by name in descending order
Date Entities are sorted by date in descending order
Name (Ascending) Entities are sorted by name in ascending order
Date (Ascending) Entities are sorted by date in ascending order
Last Used Entities are sorted by the last usage of the entity in any conversations

Modify Entities

Entities can be modified by clicking on the entity name or by clicking on the modify button against the entity name

Delete Entities

Click on the Delete icon against the entity name to delete it.

Warning: User is able to delete an entity only if it is not getting consumed by any conversation. To delete an entity, user must remove it from the conversation where it is being used and then perform the delete action.

Import Entities

Entities can be imported in multiple supported formats

Format Description Sample Files
xls Microsoft excel spreadsheet Download sample format for import
xlsx Microsoft excel spreadsheet 2007 or higher Download sample format for import