Debugging Conversation


AmplifyReach Catalyst platform provides a built-in feature that will help you to test your Chat bot before taking it live. You can use the "Try Out" button to verify the conversation in Chatbot.

Training your conversation

Once you click on "Try Out" option the system will first train itself with the conversation you have built and then let you try out the chat bot you built. This an important feature that allows you to verify that you have build the right entities and appropriate Chat bot responses before it is exposed to the actual customer or user.

System will display process of training the system and just takes a few seconds. System consumes conversation details to make the chat bot ready for the trial.

If Chat bot is already build and you want to try it out, the system will not train itself every instance. Training is only post you have edited or updated your conversation from the previous instance.

If there is no changes made to the Chat bot then, system will directly open up the chat bot window after clicking "Try Out".


The first step in verifying your intent detection is trying out one of the examples provided within the training set.

Once the intent is identified, relaunch the TryOut to debug your different variations that the user can convey his / her intent and check if you have to added additional training set information to the intent.

Similarly you can debug the different flow of the conversation using the try out window.