Conversation Node


The workflow is comprised of different conversation nodes. Each conversation node has a specific purpose like to identify user intent, message only node, condition node and node to capture user inputs.

Conversation node could have child nodes or a sibling node.

Sibling Nodes

You would create sibling node when you have multiple intents that you want to address in a single conversation or you have different conditions on the input parameters that the end user has selected or entered.


When designing an motor insurance conversation. You would have a node for identifying car insurance intent and another sibling node for identifying two wheeler insurance intent. The node type would be Intent node and relationship between both the nodes would be sibling.

Child Nodes

Once you have identified a user intent, you would want to capture multiple details from the user to process the request.


When you have identified an intent from the user to purchase Car insurance, you would need multiple details like RTO location, First registration date, Car Make, etc. All of these nodes are child nodes for the original node of Car insurance intent.