Agent Summary


This report provides the details of chats handled by the Live Human Agents using Live Chat Software.


All the data shown for Agent Summary Report are with respect to the Department, Language and Date filter


All the defined departments are available as part of this filter. All Live Chat Software Human Agents are mapped to Department.


Select the date range, please note that the date range can’t be more than 1 month..


All supported languages by Live Chat Software are available as part of the filter.

Table - Agent Summary

The above table provides details of the overall chats

Name of the Agent

Total chats closed by each agent

Total Handled chats are computed at end of each day. These are the total chats accepted by the agent in the Live Chat Software

Average Handling Time is computed at end of each day. Average Handling Time is with respect to the for overall chats handled by the Agent.

First Response Time is computed at end of each day. This is the count of all the chats were the Live Human Agent has provided their first response to the customer with-in 10sec.

This indicates how the chat was initiated. There are two types of chat initiation Proactive or User Initiated

This helps you visualize chats that were transferred to Live Human Agents on Live Chat Software.

  • BOT Transfer Due to Failure
  • BOT Transfer: These are planned transfers with-in conversation
  • Department Transfer: Agent from one department in Live Chat Software transferring the chat to another department. This is computed at end of each day