Round Robin


Round Robin functionality auto assigns the chat to an available human agent once the chat is transferred from bot. The chat when transferred belongs to an Department and Human Agents belonging to that department are auto assigned chats in a round robin fashion.

Agent configuration

All Human Agents should be assigned to a specific department and below configuration to be set.

  • Assign an agents to a department
    Settings → Users → Edit → Assigned Departments and select department.
    Click on Update to save the settings.
  • Assign languages to agents
    Settings → Users → Edit → Assigned languages and select the languages which agent supports.
    Click on Update to save the settings.
  • Uncheck the option for “User can see all pending chats, not only assigned to him”. This setting the Human Agent will only be see the pending chats which are assigned to him. Settings → Users → Edit → Pending chats

Department configuration

Department configuration can be accessed through the below menu

Settings → Conversation Configuration → Departments → Edit Department → Auto Assignments

Department configuration provides following configuration under the “Auto Assignment” tab

  • Active: This check box, indicates if Round Robin is enabled.
  • Max number of active chats Human agent can have at a time: You can set this value to any acceptable limit like 4 concurrent chats (Default value), 0 would indicate unlimited chats.
  • Automatically assign chat to another operator if operator did not accepted chat in seconds: 0 - Disabled, 20 seconds is default value.