Proactive Chats


Proactive chat is a feature that allows you to initiate chat proactively based visitor behavior pattern like page views, time on site, etc.

Enable Proactive Chat

Add a new Proactive chat by going to Settings → Conversation Configuration → Proactive chat invitations and click on New.

Proactive Chat Settings

Below are the some important setting that we need to enable proactive chat

Name for personal purposes

Internal name to identify proactive chat type.


This is priority of the proactive chat invitations. Position with lower value will have highest priority. For example if there are two chat invitations defined “More than 2 pageviews” and “More than 2 minutes on the page”, then the invitation having lower position would be shown to the customer. If both have equal values, then customer will see the first invitation in the list.

Time on site in seconds

Proactive chat is triggered once the user has spent the desired time on the site, indicated by this setting.


Proactive chat is triggered once the user has done the number of page views as indicated by this setting.

How many times user show invitation, 0 - until users closes it, > 0 limits.

Number of times the invitation is shown to the customer once invitation is triggered.

Message to user

Message to be send to customer.