Customer Information


Human Agent has access to multiple information on the visiting customer. These details may be helpful for servicing the customer in a better way. This information is available for all active customers.

Customer details under Visitor Info

Visitor info is available for each chat and the Active Tab. The following are the details covered under Visitor Info

  • Department - Current department where the chat is assigned
  • Device - Computer / Mobile / Tablet
  • IP - IP Address of the customer
  • Page - Web page name from where the chat has been initiated
  • Came from
  • Chat ID - Unique chat identifier
  • Created - Chat initiated Timestamp
  • Waited - Time (sec) the user was in the Pending queue
  • Chat Duration - Duration of the chat
  • Chat Owner - Current owner of the chat

Detailed Customer information

Detailed customer information is available for the online customer. Along with the visitor info, detailed information provides details such as Last activity, Country from which chat is originated, total visits, page views etc.

To view the detailed user information click on Side navigation panel Chat → Online Visitors

More customer detail information is available as below:

  • Country
  • Last activity
  • First visit
  • Last visit
  • Total visits
  • Pageviews
  • Total pageviews
  • Time on site
  • Total time on site